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Article 2

The union of the husband and the wife in matrimony was design to unveil/demonstrate the harmony of the Father and the Son in the Blessed Trinity by the Holy Ghost. The Father in the Son, the Son in the Father by the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Jesus Christ), so the Husband in his wife and the wife in the husband by the blood of that covenant. (Hey Please, guard your thoughts here, God knows it. God is a Spirit, there is no sexual union in the trinity. But God is Love). [If you think the man does not receive of the woman in the conjugate union of copulation, how does STI from the woman infect the man?]
The woman was not created weaker, for from the beginning it was not so; but was made weaker by sin, being deceived or seduced by the serpent. For how will what was the bone of Adam's bone and the flesh of his flesh constitute that which is weaker than its origin being made into and becometh a woman in the hand of the most intelligent and wise Creator. For if God transformed dust to flesh and bones, a development and an evolution of that which has a greater measure of worth than its raw form. How much more when there is a further development and enhancement to flesh and bones which was initially dust? Does not technological upgrades and new innovations and creativity suggest that the latter should and is always better than the former? How much more in the hands of the greatest of Inventors Himself, THE LORD ALMIGHTY? Will He downgrade His product in the new editions? Women were not created weaker vessels but were deformed by the error of sin and the serpent.  (Let me whisper something to your mind that I guess is true, God worked more and invested more of His Creativity in the making of the woman. Remember Lucifer in his glory and beauty before he fell. Why do women sing and worship better and sweeter than the men, Lucifer was the worship leader. I think God gave what Lucifer (the serpent) what he was looking for (to be a God) by making man in His own image and gave even better than what he had before his rebellion to the woman in the spirt of the beauty and glory in forming her) Christ has bruised the head of that serpent, the devil and the woman is a strong vessel in the LORD.

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Article 1

The great and significant association with womanhood seen in the work/walk of Jesus Christ reveals how God liberated the woman from bondage; of that which she lost at the fall in the garden of Eden. For it was told her thus
and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. Gen. 3:16

Christ's birth was only by a woman, Mary the wife of Joseph.
Christ's death on the cross was witnessed of the women of His companion having the three Marys mentioned; for they were at the foot of the cross. Only John the beloved disciples, one of the 12 stood till the end and was among these women.
Christ's body was prepared for burial by a woman, Mary the sister of Lazarus whom He raised from the dead. Even in the tomb, some women still came to anoint His body.
Christ's resurrection was also witnessed first by a woman, Mary Magdalene.

From this standpoint with a deep consideration of some technical statements uttered in scriptures such as we shall begin to examine below:

Christ is same as the Heavenly Father John 10:30, 14:8-11
Christ is equal to the Heavenly Father Phil. 2:5-6
But the Father is greater than Christ.  John 14:28, 1 Cor. 11:3

At the fall, slavery was indicated and the woman technical became a subject to the man as seen in Gen.3:16. So also Christ who was in the very nature God, took on the form of a servant and was obedient to the point of death, even death on the cross. For in this did He liberate and raised womanhood from the level of slaves, properties to their husband to that which was intended before the fall by His resurrection from the dead wherein He is declared to be the Son of God Rom. 1:4 (I would like to tell you something which I will later prove from scriptures that the woman can be called "son of man" as an intro to my proving, Jesus the "Son of man", did He have a human biological father? Secondly, where male and female, we are all become the sons of God. Again, all believers are spiritual virgins, whether male or female. So what are you thinking?). Rom. 1:4. Before the fall the woman was made a help meet for him Gen. 2:18 having as much capacity and functionality; to be of appreciable assistance of the same kind and origination which is different from a tool, device or equipment to aid one to do his work. So I would also state that considering the above points, the wife can be called the son of man, her husband- Eve proceedeth forth from the belly/bones of her husband.

Now, the main gist unfolds, the man is the same as the woman, the woman is the same as the man. The woman is equal to the man and the man equal to the woman. But the man is greater than the woman- for he is the head of the woman and the head of Christ is God, our Heavenly Father. 1 Cor. 11:3, 8-12. The liberation of womanhood occurred at the foot of the cross where we see the three Marys and the beloved disciple, John in one of the seven statements of Christ on the cross.
When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home. Joh 19:26-27
Although in the early church among the apostles, little is said about womanhood in comparison to the male personality. But the core of our faith is tested on believe in the incarnation of the word of God becoming flesh (1 John 4:1-3), and this was possible because Mary, the wife of Joseph, the Handmaid of the Lord and the mother of the Lord believed the word of God that came through the archangel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-35; 42-45). So the very root of our faith proceeds from the faith of Mary that brought forth the seed of the woman, Jesus Christ who destroys the serpent. The serpent replaced the woman at the fall to the man and the man to the woman, but at the cross Christ destroyed this error and has elevated womanhood from servanthood to Sonship in the Marital Covenant.

When the resurrection of Jesus Christ shall be fully expressed manifesting in the redemption of our physical bodies in the rapture of the saints; being as angels, children of the resurrection shall there be neither male nor female as this was only necessary for life on earth which springs from a family rooted in the marital covenant between a man and a woman. For weather male or female are all become virgins in the body of the church, the bride of the Lamb and shall be married to Him.
And the Spirit and the Bride say come …
Even, so Come LORD Jesus

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