Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to handle emotions

Be quick to forgive, but don’t be quick to take decisions and make conclusions when dealing with issues of contention, bitterness, hurt, anger, hate e.t.c Don’t be quick to make decisions and conclusions when under negative emotions, come out of negative emotion before you take any decision because your decisions and conclusion will be clouded and wrongly influenced when acting under such negative moods. Just as we are advise to avoid taking actions when angry so are we advised to avoid taking actions when under a heightened or dull emotional state, take decisions when normalcy has returned and you are at your default state.
Be also quick to forget, forgive like a child, in forgetting the hurts, you refuse to make reference to the hurt in your mind (reasoning) and in your statements, you refuse to allow that hurt though it had been forgiven to be as a guide in making preceding decisions as regards that hurt. Because of the previous hurt which had been forgiven and forgotten, we develop resilience and enough sense and maturity to deal with and handle similar or even greater magnitude of hurt.
Quickness in forgiving and forgetting reduces the impact of the hurt and improves your emotional rigidity and places us in the highest position which is of love, and love is greater than knowledge. In forgetting, it is not that the event is lost in the faculty of the memory, but a conscious decision is taking not to make reference to it when making decisions: we refuse to be influenced by that hurt, if the hurt was intentionally inflicted, the ones who did so would come in contact with your superior energy of love. This is not easy as it seems, because our natural tendencies are just opposite to this, but for those who are born again, they have the nature of God; which is the nature of Love for God is Love. And this love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is in you. In finding difficulty to forgive and forget, first we ask for the help of the Holy Spirit, you try to recall and meditate/ponder on what the word of God says about love and forgiveness, as ponder on it; begin also to confess it; because power is released from your spirit; your inner man and it finds expression in your life because your spirit becomes dominant over your flesh that is responsible for those feelings and wrong tendencies.

The word of God is able to heal any pain because it is the anointing. It is necessary that you are quick to forgive and also to forget, because the faster your are in doing this, the better for you, the quicker and easier it is for the pain and hurt to find relief, every hurt has an initial magnitude of impact, but the degree of the impact is dependent on how quick you are to forgive and forget it, if you don’t do this, you will be drawn to meditate on this pain, and by virtue of this act of meditation; the negative virtues and impact of that pain will be enhanced, magnified and multiplied which is seen on most of the emotional people whereas meditating on God’s word of love releases the healing and enabling virtues of the word of God.

The Communication of your Faith

That the communication of thy faith might become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing in you in Christ Jesus. Philemon 1:6

You acknowledge the good things that God has deposited in your spirit, and one way of acknowledging those things is by thanksgiving unto God concerning those virtues, righteous qualities that are inherent in your spirit because the Spirit of God has put them there.
Even though you don’t see them manifest in your life; by faith giving glory to God, concerning those things you have known by the revelation of God’s word; you make Confessions and you will see that that grace in your spirit will find dominance and expression through you.
Making confession like “for the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit” even when you are angry and you are full of hate and malice, you will find that latter that feeling would disappear.
Meditating and confessing God’s word is the access to walking in the Spirit where the fruit of the Spirit is made manifest. This confession is part of the communication of your faith