Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Article 2

The union of the husband and the wife in matrimony was design to unveil/demonstrate the harmony of the Father and the Son in the Blessed Trinity by the Holy Ghost. The Father in the Son, the Son in the Father by the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Jesus Christ), so the Husband in his wife and the wife in the husband by the blood of that covenant. (Hey Please, guard your thoughts here, God knows it. God is a Spirit, there is no sexual union in the trinity. But God is Love). [If you think the man does not receive of the woman in the conjugate union of copulation, how does STI from the woman infect the man?]
The woman was not created weaker, for from the beginning it was not so; but was made weaker by sin, being deceived or seduced by the serpent. For how will what was the bone of Adam's bone and the flesh of his flesh constitute that which is weaker than its origin being made into and becometh a woman in the hand of the most intelligent and wise Creator. For if God transformed dust to flesh and bones, a development and an evolution of that which has a greater measure of worth than its raw form. How much more when there is a further development and enhancement to flesh and bones which was initially dust? Does not technological upgrades and new innovations and creativity suggest that the latter should and is always better than the former? How much more in the hands of the greatest of Inventors Himself, THE LORD ALMIGHTY? Will He downgrade His product in the new editions? Women were not created weaker vessels but were deformed by the error of sin and the serpent.  (Let me whisper something to your mind that I guess is true, God worked more and invested more of His Creativity in the making of the woman. Remember Lucifer in his glory and beauty before he fell. Why do women sing and worship better and sweeter than the men, Lucifer was the worship leader. I think God gave what Lucifer (the serpent) what he was looking for (to be a God) by making man in His own image and gave even better than what he had before his rebellion to the woman in the spirt of the beauty and glory in forming her) Christ has bruised the head of that serpent, the devil and the woman is a strong vessel in the LORD.

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